Upclense Palo Santo bracelet 20 beads 12mm

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Upclense Palo Santo bracelet 20 beads 12mm (Pack of 1)

Palo Santo ( Bursera Graveolens), a tree originating of Peru (dry forest), pick up only from authorized areas by the government; but the Palo Santo only can work as a sacred wood if it has a natural death and is collected after 4 years of his dead.

This is natural wood incense that has an exquisite aroma; has been used in ceremonies and rituals by the Incas,but also by others indigenous cultures as a spiritual remedy for healing, purify, clean and remove negative energy.

Pack of 1 


Upclense Palosanto bracelets products are only to be worn on the body as jewellery. None of our bracelets should ever be placed in your kid’s mouth or used for purposes other than its intended use i.e. Clearing and Attracting positive energy. 

We recommend placing your bracelets in safe area ( away from Children) after use to avoid any accidents.

We assume no responsibility for any accidents directly or indirectly related to our products. Neither The KO Shop Australia Pty Ltd nor any other parties involved in creating, producing or manufacturing our products shall be liable for any damages arising from the use of our items.

In case of any emergency, please seek urgent medical attention.

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