Upclense Palo Santo Japa Mala Yellow 7/8mm

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Upclense Palo Santo Japa Mala Yellow 7/8mm (Pack of 1)

Palo Santo ( Bursera Graveolens), a tree originating of Peru (dry forest), pick up only from authorized areas by the government; but the Palo Santo only can work as a sacred wood if it has a natural death and is collected after 4 years of his dead.

This is natural wood incense that has an exquisite aroma; has been used in ceremonies and rituals by the Incas, but also by others indigenous cultures as a spiritual remedy for healing, purify, clean and remove negative energy.

Pack of 1 

108 Beads are carefully hand twinned to create beautiful JAPA ( means Meditation) Mala ( derived from Sanskrit word "JAPAMALA"  which is a string of beads used for prayer and meditation by Hindus and Buddhists - Reference - Google Search).

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Length (cm) NA
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