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Nitiraj has been manufacturing natural slow burning incenses since 1978. This product, Nitiraj Original is the very first and still remains it's flagship incense. This premium natural incense is found in some of the most exclusive retail outlets through out USA, UK and Europe for almost 4 decades. Made from scratch using traditional methods that date back hundreds of years, it's a process of combining natural resins with fragrant wood powders, spices, herbs, combined with aromatic oils and honey. Result is a slow burning incense that burns for one hour, while the fragrance lingers for hours !!! This display comes with 3 sizes 12gm, 25gm and 100gm boxes.

18 x 12gm packs

6 x 25gm boxes

7 x 100gm boxes


36 FREE SAMPLES to give away to your customers.

Total retail value of $230 when sold.

This product comes with a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE !!!

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